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About Us

Unique Writers, dba Legacy Life Insurance Solutions is a national insurance marketing organization (NMO) founded on the core principles of honesty, integrity and real family values. We are creating a family of agents that will be together for years to come. Our agents learn together, work together, and ultimately celebrate their individual and collective successes together.

Management Team

The Legacy Life management team is diverse with decades of experience in all aspects of life insurance marketing, sales training, lead generation, Internet technologies and corporate management. We’ve brought together the talents of key individuals, each focused on their areas of expertise, to create a synergy and cohesive framework where agents, regardless of background level or experience, can find a real home and family atmosphere… a place where they can thrive and excel.


The vision of Legacy Life is very focused but also fairly simple. We provide opportunities to agents nationwide, where they can focus primarily on a niche market of choice in their given geographic area, and become the leading producer in that area.

Newly Licensed Agents

For newly licensed agents, or for those who will become licensed through our Agent FastStart System, one of the keys to outstanding success is to begin by focusing on a specific area of the market. When you have a single focus and task, and learn to repeat successful habits day in and day out, you will win more often than not. Then as you gain confidence and experience, you will grow and evolve into selling other products.

Experienced Agents

Experienced agents will find the breath of products they need to provide their clients with everything from term, whole life and universal life to annuities and wealth transfer products.

Quality Leads

Our quality direct mail leads for Mortgage Protection and Final Expense provide the entry into clients’ homes and the beginning of relationships that will last for years. With our fresh leads and proven marketing system, scripts, training and coaching, even average agents will achieve extraordinary income streams for themselves and their families.  Also, seasoned agents that may not have achieved the level of success they desired in a different environment or alternative organization, will achieve their financial goals quickly as they focus on methods and systems proven to help close more sales and multiple sales as well as open the door to a wealth of opportunities with many consumers.

Realistic Success

The simple truth is… if you follow the programs and processes we teach you, and dedicate yourself to working your plan… that we’ll help you lay out and refine, it will be almost impossible for you to fail. Even though you are in business for yourself, you will never be in business by yourself. We stand ready to help you very step of the way.

Training and Motivational Support

Much of our agent training is accomplished through online e-learning systems, so you can study at your own pace. UWU, Unique Writers University, will be a place for you to constantly expand your learning and understanding of the industry.  The online systems, coupled with our live national and regional training opportunities, and our weekly motivational support through sales training webinars and conference call keeps you fresh and abreast of the latest developments in products and the industry. 

Carrier Partnerships

Our unique valued partnerships with specific desirable carriers, will help you get exclusive products, underwriting, and website training from our carrier representatives themselves; thus guaranteeing you supreme confidence in the carriers you represent.

What's Next?

So now you know a little more about us, but we have lots more to share. If Unique Writers sounds like the kind of place where you could thrive and grow, take a minute to set up a phone  appointment and let’s talk one-on-one and get all your questions answered. You have nothing to lose.

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