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Daniel Newton - Chief Operating Officer

A veteran film and television producer, Dan has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, training, systems development and corporate management.

Introduced to the insurance industry in 2007, Dan immediately immersed himself in the business and spent time in the field as a writing agent to gain understanding and insights into what agents require to be successful. 

Drawing on his background and abilities, Dan began development of a number of systems and programs to help recruit, train and motivate agents to perform at superior levels. Over the past several years, Dan has developed our Agent Recruiting System, Agent FastStart System and various other management and training systems that give Legacy Life a clear, competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Dan is primarily responsible for the day to day operations of Legacy Life which include the ongoing recruiting, training and lead generation efforts.  Dan insures that all systems and programs are functioning at optimal levels and evolving to meet the challenges of an ever changing business and economic environment.