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Prelicensing Support

Legacy Life provides complete pre-licensing support to agent candidates who need to get their life insurance license through the Agent FastStart System. We have relationships with the major pre-licensing companies that provide a significant discount on many of their courses. Courses are available either in a classroom setting, or you may opt to study for your license using an online course. We recommend the online course due to its flexibility and lower cost. But the choice is yours. While you can choose to attend a live classroom, most agents choose the online course.

Online Pre-Licensing Course

Through our online pre-licensing training, you study at your own pace and learn all of the information you need to pass your exam.

  • Your course will include features that ensure you learn everything necessary to pass your state exam.
  • You will have your own licensing coach who will stay in touch with you throughout the licensing process and help you resolve any snags
  • Interactive multi-media presentations help you learn the material fast
  • Quizzes and chapter exams ensure that you have learned the necessary information
  • Realistic exam simulations will get you fully prepped and make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of your upcoming state exam.

There is a nominal cost for the online pre-licensing course, but it comes with a guarantee of success. If you pass all of the practice exams included with the online course, and then take and fail the state exam for some reason, we will pay the cost for you to re-take the state exam. We want nothing more than for you to pass your exam on the first attempt so that we can keep things moving forward with your new career. Certain restrictions do apply. Please speak with your licensing coach for specific details.