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*Starting January 4th, our website is moving! All of the tools and resources from this website have been migrated and moved over to our new website, One Life America! Check us out now by clicking HERE!



Welcome to Legacy Life

A family of agents working together to achieve more

Legacy Life Insurance Solutions is an insurance marketing company founded on the core principles of honesty, integrity and real family values.

We are creating a family of agents that will be together for years to come. Our agents learn together, work together, and ultimately celebrate their individual and collective successes together.

The Legacy Life management team is diverse with decades of experience in all aspects of life insurance marketing, sales training, lead generation, Internet technologies and corporate management. We’ve brought together the talents of key individuals, each focused on their areas of expertise, to create a synergy and cohesive framework where agents, regardless of background level or experience, can find a real home and family atmosphere.